Systainer® T-Loc “SYS-Combi II”

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“Mix & Match” the body, handle and T-Loc colours.

Important: If the Systainers don’t change colours then unfortunately they aren’t in stock. Please contact us directly and we can add them to our regular Tanos orders.

AnthraciteAnthraciteAnthraciteLight GreyLight GreyLight Grey
AnthraciteAnthraciteBlackBlackEmerald GreenEmerald GreenLight GreyLight GreyOrangeOrangeRedRedSapphire BlueSapphire BlueSignal GreenSignal GreenSky BlueSky BlueWhiteWhiteYellowYellow
AnthraciteAnthraciteAnthraciteBlackBlackBlackEmerald GreenEmerald GreenEmerald GreenLight GreyLight GreyLight GreyOrangeOrangeOrangeRedRedRedSapphire BlueSapphire BlueSapphire BlueSignal GreenSignal GreenSignal GreenSky BlueSky BlueSky BlueStandard BlueStandard BlueStandard BlueWhiteWhiteWhiteYellowYellowYellow

What’s your Systainer for?

Accessory set for drawers 80590683

X1 Full set drawer inserts for screws etc


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Systainer T-Loc Combi 2 Empty Case

Tradesmen use these for:

·    Cordless drills, impact guns, jigsaws, ginders etc.
·  The extra draw is ideal for screws, compontents and consumables, etc.

This case will interlock with other systainer® T-Loc cases, you can do this with as few or as many as you wish to make transport of tools simple and quick. Creating a tool tower on a Sys Cart, for example means many cases can be moved onto a job in one run instead of many.

These cases are produced in Germany by Tanos and are very tough and durable.

All of the components are on these cases are also replaceable in the unlikely event a part will fail.

The dimensions of the Systainer T-Loc II Combi are:
Outside dimensions: H* 263 x W 396 x D 296 mm
Inside dimensions systainer®: H 127.5 x W 383 x D 267 mm
Inside dimensions drawer: H 69 x W 350 x D 255 mm
Weight: 3.20 kg

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 396 × 296 × 296 mm
systainer® Body

Anthracite, Light Grey

Handle Colour

Anthracite, Black, Emerald Green, Light Grey, Orange, Red, Sapphire Blue, Signal Green, Sky Blue, White, Yellow

T-Loc Colour

Anthracite, Black, Emerald Green, Light Grey, Orange, Red, Sapphire Blue, Signal Green, Sky Blue, Standard Blue, White, Yellow


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