Van Racking

GS Tool System have two great and very special sets of van racking that work perfect with the Systainer System.  One is designed and manufactured by Tanos and the other our very own bespoke system.

At GS Tool System we believe that our racking systems will change way tradesmen work by providing organisation and efficiency.  The racking can be built and tuned to the way you like it and will evolve with you and your tools.  We think you shouldn’t just be restricted to shelves and should be able to access anything quickly and easily.  This is a system carefully crafted around the tools that you have.  This is the only racking system you’ll ever need, because of its versatility it can be easily modified and moved from van to van.  We promise to bring new and innovative products that work along side the van racking and strive to improve the system along with your help.  So please feel free to contact us and let us know what kit or ideas you’d like to see.

What does your dream office look like?


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Please message us if you’d like a SketchUp file to build your own van racking before purchasing. 

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Showing all 3 results